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Hope Alive welcomed to northern Uganda-Commended on Development

A visiting team of short missionaries as well as Hope Alive!  staff received a rousing welcome by the local leadership and community of Koch-Lee, a sub county in Northern Uganda.

The chief guest of the day, Local Council Chairman, Ongom Simon, welcomed Hope Alive! officially to the area. He thanked the organization for the good work and plans to develop the area by providing education. He further called upon the residents to embrace the privilege of education

The executive director of Hope Alive!, Catharine Coon, stressed the importance unity in Christ that supersedes the racial, tribal and cultural differences.

 “Although we look different, although we speak different languages, although we have travelled from far to be here, when we accept Jesus we become brothers and sisters,” noted Catharine.

 Citing the example of two trees in the village compound, beautifully intertwined to provide a wonderful shade, Catharine stressed the importance of the community working with Hope Alive! to bring development.

The country director of Hope Alive!, James Musoke, told the community that Hope Alive! is there to stay. He added that, “It is a program and not a project.”  James explained that the difference between projects and programs is that projects have a limited lifespan, while programs last forever.

One thing that really stood out was the beautiful musical instrumental presented by the children, using a variety of local musical instruments.

Before the welcome function could end, Pastor Aloysius Kizza, led everyone in a prayer aimed at dedicating Hope Alive!’s land and plans to God.

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