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Kidega's Journey of hope

Kidega's Journey of  hope

George Kidega is one of Hope Alive!’s pioneer students. George was born in Gulu but moved to Kampala because of the civil war that ripped apart the north for over twenty years. He joined the organization in 2003. After completing his education, he joined Village of Hope where he currently works as the Procurement Officer. Hope Alive!’s Andrew Onapito interviewed him. Here is the full interview.


   Kidega George outside his guest house in Northern Uganda.

Tell us about yourself. What was life like before you joined Hope Alive!

I was born in 1987. I joined Hope Alive! in 2003, when I was in senior one. I completed in 2008.

My life has changed a lot. Because of Hope Alive! I believe that there is hope. That is why I am still living. Before I joined Hope Alive! I had no hope that I was going to go to school but I found myself enrolled and right now I am someone responsible in life.

 What made you say you had no hope before you joined Hope Alive!?

I went through a lot during the war. We used to stay in the bush. When I finished primary school, I had no hope of going to secondary school. I stayed home during my first term because there was no one to pay my school fees. Bad luck happened that year. My mother died.

 How did your life change while you were at Hope Alive!?

Hope Alive! really changed my life spiritually. We used to have Saturday club where we share Bible verses and play together. They used to provide scholastic material, and we studied without lacking. They used to give us all the school supplies like books, shoes and uniforms. Every year we always had new uniforms and books. On top of that our school fees were always paid on time. Being disadvantaged kids who had no hope, they gave us hope. It has made us people who knew God. We value ourselves and the people around us.

I thank Aunt Catharine Coon (Hope Alive!’s Executive Director). She has a motherly heart and cares for us.

 How did having a mentor at Hope Alive! impact your life?

The mentors they gave us were so good. They understood us. The knowledge that they instilled in us helped us. They helped us, guided us and told us to have hope and believe that tomorrow is another day.

 What was it like to have a sponsor?

I remember the photos of my sponsors. They always wrote me letters, and they sent me gifts. Apart from paying my school fees, they sent me Christmas gifts, which were amazing. It is not easy for someone to sacrifice his or her money to think about you without seeing you. But the person has hope in you, that you can change, and be a better person in life. I really appreciate all my sponsors who have done that. I don’t know how I can appreciate them, but all I can say is thank you through Hope Alive!.

Where has sponsorship led you?

After Hope Alive!, I joined a project called Village of Hope. I started working in 2009 in the agricultural department. Thank God for the teaching, the lessons, the respect, and the training to be honest that I got from Hope Alive!. It has made me get promotions. I started working in May 2009, and in the same year I was promoted. Right now, I work with Village of Hope as the Procurement. Village of Hope helps children who are disadvantaged. We have schools.

When the project was still growing, I held two jobs; I was the Assistant Business Administrator for the project as well as the Procurement Officer. I did all the procurement, and that is what I am still doing. It has helped me to get well known.

 My position requires a lot of honesty, and without that I was not going to be with them. I am still honest; I serve them and handle their finances correctly, and because of this the organization still grows. If I make a mistake, the project will come down, but because I do a good job, the project is still working. I want to leave a legacy that they will say only good things. This will happen by working hard, by doing what God wants, and by helping others who feel like they need to be helped but have no opportunities.

 What are your future plans?

 I joined Hope Alive! as a child, but right now, I have two children. I have a son and a daughter. I am a proud father. I am a businessman. I do poultry and run a piggery. I am glad that things are moving on well. I want to be a very enterprising person.

Final words

Thank you to my sponsors who really helped and cared for me. I am so grateful. I am successful. I don’t take it lightly.


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