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Jimmy Okullu
Lives in: Kampala

Jimmy joined Hope Alive! when he was 14 and in the 4th grade. He had missed a lot of school because his mother, who is HIV+, couldn’t find work and so couldn't pay school fees. Out of the 267 4th graders at his school, he ranked 237. After enrollment in the project, Jimmy began to grow and thrive. He became very active in a local church. Halfway through 5th grade, he was number three in his class. By 6th grade, he was number one. And in 7th grade, not only was he number one in his class, he was also elected school president. Jimmy started a Bible club at his school and led three of his friends to the Lord. More have become Christians since then.

Jimmy completed his secondary school. After an internship with Hope Alive!, Jimmy enrolled for a diploma in medicine which he is so passionate about. He has always wanted to become a medical doctor. He serves as the deputy school president at his school. Previously he was the chairman of the Student Leadership Team in Kampala and has the respect and love of all Hope Alive! staff and students. His nickname is "Pastor." The healing hope of Jesus transforms not just one life but has exponential impact.

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