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Robert Bongomin
Lives in: Kampala

Bongomin has suffered much loss in his life. Currently he is studying a certificate in journalism. Several years ago, his two younger sisters died of measles at ages 2 and 3. In 2001 his mother, on her way back late at night from an area of town she really shouldn’t have been in, was brutally attacked. She wasn’t found till the following morning and died later that day. A few months later his father also died. Bongomin is the only one of his family living. His father's older sister, a widow with two children, took Bongomin in. She is also caring for four other orphans, and her salary is not large enough to cover all the needs of the family. Bongomin spent some time out of school. Once in Hope Alive! he was able to get back in school as is doing well. He is kind and friendly and has a servant’s heart. For Bongomin, like for most of the children, the project opens up doors for a secure future that would otherwise have been impossible.

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