Sponsors Page

One of the strengths of Hope Alive! is the relationship between students and their sponsors.

Individual sponsorship means that each student is matched with a single sponsor. Sponsors and students alike often consider each other family. Three times a year, the student sends a personal letter to the sponsor. Many sponsors reply and relationships are developed that are cherished by both. Students also write after receiving a letter or gift from their sponsors.

In order to enhance communication between sponsors and students, we’ve provided three important links:

List of Students Who Have Received Letters or Gifts

At the beginning of each month, Hope Alive! posts a list of students who receive letters or gifts from their sponsors the previous three months. It can take up to two months for a package (and sometimes even a letter) to arrive, so please be patient if you don’t see your student’s name listed the first or even second time you check. If by the third month your student’s name is still not shown, please contact us. Letter and Gift Recipients

Send an E-Mail Letter to Your Student

Follow the link below to launch an e-mail Compose window. In the Subject line, please type your student’s name. Make sure that you sign your complete name at the bottom of your letter.

Hope Alive! will print the letter and deliver it to your student.

Please use this E-mail Address: studentmail@hopealiveafrica.org

Send Your Child a Gift of Needed Supplies

This feature will be available soon.