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The General Fund is What Keeps Hope Alive! Working

God uses the general fund to keep Hope Alive! working. It is used to pay staff salaries, office expenses, utility bills, vehicle insurance, and to buy equipment, supplies, and other necessary items. As well, general fund monies allow us to provide items for the children that aren't covered by sponsorship funds such as mosquito nets, dictionaries, textbooks, etc. There are also a growing number of medical problems that we are able to care for because of donations to the general fund.

While reoccurring gifts are particularly helpful in letting us anticipate our income, one-time gifts are also much appreciated.

Monetary gifts may be given in one of two ways:


Checks may be written to WorldVenture and sent it to WorldVenture, 1501 W. Mineral Avenue, Littleton, CO 80120. Include a brief note saying that the money is for Hope Alive's general fund. Hope Alive! receives 100% of donations given to its general fund.

Online Giving

You can set up a regular commitment or give a one-time donation. Follow the link below, then complete the form.

Donate to Hope Alive! at