You Can Help

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk with someone.”

Donate To Hope Alive!

God Uses the General Fund To Keep Hope Alive! Working

God uses the general fund to keep Hope Alive! working. It is used to pay staff salaries, office expenses, utility bills, vehicle insurance, and to buy equipment, supplies, and other necessary items.

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Sponsor A Child

One of the Unique Aspects of Hope Alive! Is Child Sponsorship

One of the unique aspects of Hope Alive! is the project's sponsorship focus. Individuals, couples, families or groups have an opportunity to sponsor a child through HopeAlive! for only $37.50 per month.

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Participate With Hope Alive!

Become Even More Invested in the Ministries of Hope Alive!

If you are interested in becoming even more invested in the ministries of Hope Alive!, there are many opportunities for individuals or groups to become involved either in Uganda or in the United States.

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Pray With Us

Learn How You Can Pray for Our Ministry

The power of prayer to bring about God’s purposes on earth is seen over and over again in His Word and in the experiences of His people today.

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