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Become Even More Invested in the Ministries of Hope Alive!

If you are interested in becoming even more invested in the ministries of Hope Alive!, there are many opportunities for individuals or groups to become involved either in Uganda or in the United States. One former mid-term missionary, who partnered with Hope Alive! in Uganda for 15 months, expressed it this way: “My experience in Uganda was rewarding and growing in so many ways. I had the opportunity to get to know Ugandans and share in their daily lives. My understanding of Christ's worldwide church expanded as we worked and had fun together.”


Hope Alive! welcomes short-term teams from churches, colleges, and schools. If your group or organization is interested in partnering with us, please contact us at

As well, there are positions open on our Uganda team for anywhere from two years to a life-time. Current needs include nurses, pediatricians/family doctors, small business coaching, and leadership trainers, among others.

United States

We have many willing, enthusiastic volunteers helping us in the U.S. – and we can always use more. Areas in which we currently have need are:

  • Grant Writers
  • Educators (to advise our Education Specialist)
  • Web Site Administrator
  • Newsletter Writer, Designer, Editor